Undoubtedly, with the advent of smart TVs in the digital arena, smart TVs, along with other smart devices such as mobile phones and laptops, now have something to say.

Current smart TVs with WEBOS operating systems and especially Android operating systems have created a lot of efficiency from smart TVs.

In this tutorial, you will explain a very easy and simple way to use the SMART IPTV software on Android and WEBOS smart TVs for you dear ones of Set IPTV.

First, enter your TV program and if the SMART IPTV software is not one of your main software by default, you can search for the name SMART IPTV in the search field and install the software by displaying the icon below.

Open the Smart IPTV software

You will see the following image: In this image, the part with the line “mac” address drawn around it shows a series of numbers and letters of the mac address.

Possibly, if you hit the exit button and exit this page, the following image will appear by pressing the red key again
Make a note of the MAC address listed in the image below

Now enter the site address below


The following page opens on this page in order

First, enter the previous image at the bottom of the Delete playlist section, enter the previous image in the relevant box or field, and in the image, if it was Google security check, click OK, and delete the basic information of the software, and the software is ready for a new account. Is

Then in the center of the image below the mac, you will see that in this section, re-enter the mentioned MAC address

In the right field, copy and paste the account of the account purchased from the IPTV Sale Team site in full

And check save online and click send to send the account to your TV software

Now it is enough to log out of your TV software once and log in again. The complete list of channels will be available to you in categories


Note that it will probably take 5 minutes to transfer the account to the TV. When transferring the account, please do not touch any button on your TV.

good luck

It is worth mentioning that the Smart EPTV software is free for the first 7 days, and after 7 days, the software license must be purchased.