VLC software is one of the simplest IPTV broadcast software in Windows operating system that you can set up your EPTV account in Windows operating system with just a few clicks

To launch VLC software, first install the latest version of the software, then launch it according to the video tutorial below.

Open your VLC software and enter the Media section from the left, as shown below

Then click on the network stream option

In this section, copy and paste the link of your M3U LINK account that you bought from the IPTV Sale TeamE site and click OK


The channel list takes between 2 to 5 minutes to fully load. At this time, please wait. The loading time depends on the number of server channels. The longer the list, the longer it takes.
It is worth mentioning that to view the channel list, press CTRL + L to display the channel list, and to search from the window on the right, which you have marked, you can search for the name of the channel you want and enjoy the IPTV set accounts.