Learn how to set up SMARTER IPTV software on TV and Android operating system

To install EPTV Smarter software on Android operating systems

Enter Google Play of your operating system and search for the phrase smarter iptv, and after displaying the software and opening the software, you will encounter the following image

Click on Login with Xtream codes in the image below


You will enter the following page: In this section, enter the account information that you received from the IPTV Sale Team site in the following order:

Any Name = IPTV Sale Team

username = test12345

password = XXXXXXXX

url = IPTV Sale Team server url: 8080
If you do not know the details of your account, get help from site support


Then click on the add user option. If you have entered the details correctly, you will enter the following page. By clicking on the username below, you will enter the list of channels. There are live channels on the right and movie and serial channels on the left.