Tutorial for launching Home IPTV software on smart TVs and other Android and IOS devices

Dear subscribers and companions, HOME IPTV software is another free and high quality software that we want to introduce to you in this tutorial.

Operation with this software is very simple and its installation is also very simple and easy

Install the HOME IPTV program

First enter your TV programs if you do not have HOME IPTV software in your software list by default

Search for HOME IPTV in the search field and when the software is found, install it and open the program

When you open the software on the TV screen, you will see a Mac address or an ID address

Then enter the official HOME IPTV site through the following link


Enter the extreme side at the top right of the page and click Upload Channels to enter the page as shown below


In the image above, it is clear that in the tv id field, enter the code that you saw on the screen in the complete step correctly and correctly.

In the M3U URL section, copy and paste the complete link of the account purchased from the IPTV Sale Team site

Finally, click on the blue section of Import Channels, the channel list will be transferred to the TV

Account installation completed successfully

Now close the TV software, open it again and in the page that opens, press the 0 key to update the list, and after a few moments, the list will be displayed.