Learn how to install SET IPTV software on smart TVs
To install the mentioned software in your list of smart TV software, search for the IPTV name search section. Click on the SET IPTV software to click on it to install.

After installing the popular SET IPTV software on a smart TV, you will encounter the following image: Write down the MAC address shown in the image below, or put the TV in the same position and enter the following address:



In this image below, enter the first MAC address box you noted in Figure 1

In the second box M3U URL
Copy the account link you received from the IPTV Sale Team site completely and click on the last piece (I am not a robot) and click on the SEND button to upload the account link to your software




Finally, exit the software and log in again
It is worth mentioning that the mentioned software needs to purchase a software license after 7 days