Instructions for installing Net IPTV software on smart TVs are as follows

By searching for the word IPTV in your smart TV software, the existing IPTV software will be displayed and install IPTV from the list of NET software, and after installation, you will see the following image
Write down the MAC address of the image


Then enter the following site

Then enter the MAC address listed in Figure 1 in the area marked in red and check the box below (I am not a robot).



Then you enter the image below. In this section, enter the link of your purchased IPTV account set in the red alarm box and click on the ADD LIST sentence.

The list of channels of IPTV servers has been entered in the software and uploaded to the software by turning off the TV once or leaving the software and re-entering the list of channels.

It should be noted that in NET IPTV software, the channels are not in the slave category




It should be noted that the software needs a license after 7 days