Learn how to install and configure SS IPTV on smart TVs from the IPTV set
It is worth mentioning that this software can be installed and used on all Android operating systems and all Android and WEBOS smart TVs.

First install the SS IPTV software then

1- Open the software and enter the settings section



Enter the general section as shown below

According to the picture, click on the text Get code to display the output code and write down this code


Then enter the following site


Enter the code you wrote down in the previous step in this field and click on the Add Device text



In the Display name field, click IPTV Sale Team and in the Source field, enter the account link purchased from the site IPTV Sale Team and click ok.



Then click on the save text as shown below to save the settings



Once your account installation is complete, just log out of the program once, log in again and click on the set iptv name, and fully enjoy the top quality of IPTV Sale Team accounts.