Meg devices are one of the best IPTV players with standard and high quality

Since Meg operating system is designed to use IPTV and all the necessary standards of this operating system for IPTV are observed, it is recommended to use professional accounts such as IPTV set to be aware of the highest level of quality. Be and enjoy

Visual and comprehensive instruction in the original language

To start, press the menu or stop key on the control and enter the applications menu


Enter the System settings section


Select the second option Portals

1- First, provide the MAC address of your Mag device to the support of IPTV Sale Team to register in the system
2. Portal Name Section Choose a name like IPTV Sale Team
3. Type the server address that IPTV Sale Team support provides


Then press OK or OK to save

And turn off your Mag device once and enjoy the channel list by turning on the device